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PRIDE Spotlight – Shareholder: Jack Starr

Name: Jack Starr
Company: Boston Showcase Company
Location(s): Newton, Mass.
Do you have a niche or unique market? We were historically in the tabletop supply business. We got into the contract equipment business 20 years ago and we now define ourselves as full service dealer.
How did you get involved in the Foodservice Industry? I was born into it. The business is 105 years old. I have been working full time for 40 years.
Describe the best foodservice job that you have done? I have done a lot of work at Gillette Stadium, the home of the the 5 time world champion New England Patriots. They are constantly upgrading their food service at the stadium.
Describe the best job you have done recently? Davios Northern Italian Steakhouse in King of Prussia, PA.
What’s the greatest advice you have been given about this industry? Always make friends and never burn bridges. The industry is very close knit/circle and most people will resurface at a different venue.
If you weren’t in foodservice, what other industries do you have an interest in? It was never an option for me, I like all businesses.
What do you consider your greatest achievement? Being part of a 4th generation family business where my son Matthew is making a great impact in our industry and in our marketplace.
What’s your favorite activity to do locally? Dining at our customers.
What is your favorite activity outside of the office? Golfing and tennis.
Where is your favorite place to travel? Its been going to Florida for parts of the winter.
Name one item on your bucket list. More traveling not sure of the destination yet.