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PRIDE Spotlight – Team Member: Virginia DeWitt

Name: Virginia DeWitt
Position/Title: eCommerce Merchandising Manager
Location: Denver, CO – originally from Charlotte, NC
How long have you been with PRIDE Marketing? I started with the company in April 2018.
How did you get involved with PRIDE Marketing? I moved to Denver from the east coast with a background in fashion merchandising, specifically eCommerce. Although a wonderful place to live, Denver is lacking in fashion & retail headquarters, so I began to explore opportunities in other industries. Since food and restaurants are a close second love behind fashion, PRIDE was a perfect fit!
What’s the greatest advice you have been given about this industry? This is not industry specific but my dad has always said “you cannot always control what happens you, but you can always choose how you are going to respond to it.” This advice has been instrumental in both my professional and personal development.
If you weren’t in foodservice, what other industries do you have an interest in? A few dream jobs…food stylist for culinary magazine or other media outlet; exhibit curator for an art gallery or museum, news anchor, or a dietician.
What do you consider your greatest achievement? Moving to New York City after college (War Eagle!) without a job, money, or friends, and successfully launching a career in the Big Apple!
What’s your favorite activity to do locally? Hiking and trying new restaurants.
What is your favorite activity outside of the office? I love to cook and am always experimenting with new recipes. I am an avid reader and am involved in a fun book club with girlfriends. I also love to run and spend lots of evenings and weekends running through Washington Park.
Where is your favorite place to travel? The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Name one item on your bucket list: I would love to own my own business one day.