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Centric Resources

PRIDE Centric Resources drives increased profitability for its membership with vendors who are interested in mutually beneficial partnerships. PRIDE offers a roadmap to growth, transforming traditionally “transactional” relationships into those which are strategic, purposeful, and financially beneficial. Aligning with businesses that share our core values and objectives fosters a winning environment for all partners. Please contact us to learn more about the value and benefits as a dealer of PRIDE Centric Resources!

Cooperative Purchasing

Aggregate purchasing offers economies of scale in pricing, rebates, and discounting. Category spend analysis and contract negotiation afford strategic value and time savings.


Vendor payments processed quickly and securely via ACH; web interface offers dealer visibility to open, due or paid invoices.


Providing promotional mailers, catalogs, custom print, and mobile app design, the Marketing team has you covered with unique marketing collateral.


PRIDE provides hands-on training with PRIDEOLOGY, PEAK, PING, and portal-based programs so your staff will be up-to-date with the latest industry information.


PRIDE offers website design and hosting, B2B selling, secure PRIDE dealer website, and daily newsletter communications for its dealers.


PRIDE dealer conferences provide networking opportunities, industry updates and breakout sessions, as well as preset meetings with valued industry partners.

A Bit About Us

Our Mission

Through innovative technology, training, and marketing, we provide solutions, support, and expertise, assisting our dealers and hospitality partners to achieve profitable growth and market dominance.

PRIDE's Vision

To be #1 in hospitality solutions.

We're not just numbers

A Few Details

It's the every day things at PRIDE that add up to the big picture. Network. Working with our Dealers and Vendors on a daily basis through training, technology, accounting and marketing makes the PRIDE network thrive.




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Customers Served

PRIDE Spotlight - Dealer

PRIDE Spotlight - Dealer

Gregory Morrissey (Durable N.A.)
Located: San Clemente, CA
Our niche / unique market: We offer design and installation to the restaurant industry and include grocery chains nationwide.
What’s the greatest advice you have been given about this industry? “If you tell a customer you’re going to do something for them, do it.” I live by that advice and it has served me well.
PRIDE Spotlight - Supplier

PRIDE Spotlight - Supplier

Michael Remus (Chef Master)
Located: Melville, NY / Rural Hall, NC
Our niche / unique market: We focus on smallwares and small equipment for the foodservice industry.
Name one item on your bucket list? Sky Diving.


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