PRIDE Updates

FER Announces PRIDE’s 2021 Award Winners

FER features PRIDE’s dealers and vendors who won awards at the 2021 Conference. Including PRIDE Industry Influencer Award which was won by former Foodservice Equipment Reports Publisher Robin Ashton of…

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Demetrios Selevredes II

PRIDE Centric Resources Congratulates Demetrios Selevredes II of Federal Supply USA, for being awarded 2021 Al Richardson Founder’s Award by the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates (ACFSA). Selevredes II…

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Federal Supply, USA

Federal Supply USA – 90 Years In Business

We are excited to celebrate Federal Supply USA’s 90th anniversary. Federal Supply USA is a 4th generation woman owned family operation. Located in Waukegan, IL, Federal Supply USA has been…

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