PRIDE 2022/2023 Reference Catalog Order Form

This is a 300+ page full color printed edition with a customized cover for your dealership. Catalogs will ship by early May. Orders MUST be completed through this form. Please reach out to Preston Brooks with any specific questions at

This is the final order form for the 2022/2023 Catalogs:

  • Orders are due by Friday, March 11
  • Catalogs are priced at $5 each
  • Your original order quantity is indicated on your Order Form Notification email. Please confirm that the quantity is correct. Reach out to Preston Brooks at with any questions.
  • You may use your dealership’s deferred marketing funds to cover the cost of the print catalogs, the cover design and if you selected the Flip Book. You are responsible for any costs your available marketing funds do not cover.
  • You must use your own shipping account to cover the cost of shipping
  • Cover design charges –
    • Generic, no dealership info – $0
    • Generic with your dealership info added – $130
    • Your last cover with minimal updates (example: logo swap and copy on inside cover) – $130
    • Custom cover design – $325
  • Digital Flip Books Options –
    • (1) Basic Flip Book – The cost for a basic Flip Book is $300. Example:
    • (2) Upgraded Flip Book with Add To Cart Features- The cost for an add to cart Flip Book is $3,764. Example:
      • Add to Cart Flipbook (personalized per dealer)
      • Includes custom cover and 2 years of hosting fees
      • This will support these advanced features:
        • “Shopping Cart” to be used as an ordering tool or request for quote
        • Cart can remember users saved products
        • Cart allows notes to be submitted with customer request
        • Orders will be emailed to designated recipients within your dealership
        • Orders will be sent to dealer spreadsheet format to be imported or manipulated