PRIDE Spotlight – Board of Director: David G. Castino

Name: David G. Castino
CompanyCastino Restaurant Design Equipment and Supply
Location(s): Main Distribution and Showroom Rohnert Park, CA, Sales office Banning, CA
Do you have a niche or unique market? Wineries, Design Build, Dish Machine Rental and Chemical Service
How did you get involved in the Foodservice Industry? I started working in the family business after school. I was the first slave my father ever had.
Describe the best foodservice job that you have done? Bohemian Grove
Describe the best job you have done this year? Tips Tri Tip Trolley
What’s the greatest advice you have been given about this industry? Your decisions and actions impact your clients and the industry, think and act based on the long term impact it will have.
If you weren’t in foodservice, what other industries do you have an interest in? I was interested in becoming a Musician, Architect or Firefighter before committing to our Foodservice Industry.
What do you consider your greatest achievement? Raising a family and having the privilege of working together in our business.
What’s your favorite activity to do locally? Go to Giants Baseball Games.
What is your favorite activity outside of the office? Salmon fishing.
Where is your favorite place to travel? Lake Tahoe
Name one item on your bucket list. To spend a month in Italy with my family visiting our relatives there.

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