PRIDE Spotlight – Preferred Supplier: Erica Motes

  • Erica Jordan Motes (Beverage Air)
  • Location(s): Winston Salem, NC
  • Do you have a niche product? Beverage Air offers a full line of refrigeration equipment for both the front and back of the house; however, our ability to customize standard offering and develop application driven solutions is really where we found our niche.
  • How did you get involved in the Foodservice Industry? I became involved with foodservice by accident. I wanted to get some pointers on my resume and practice interviewing prior to pursuing an opportunity at Oakley. The first place I applied was Lund Iorio, a manufactures rep group in Southern California. They offered me an inside sales job (which I was not expecting) but 14 years later I am still selling Beverage Air.
  • Describe the best foodservice job that you have done? One that stands out last year was McMenamins Anderson School in Bothell, WA. McMenamins builds what I would describe as adult playgrounds: Restaurants, Historic Hotels, Pubs, Concert Venues… You name it and they are up for creating a unique experience for their customer. The Anderson School is a Junior High built in 1931. The school rooms have been converted to hotel rooms and the facility houses three restaurants, three bars, fire pits, and a theater room. Roses’s out of Portland outfitted the foodservice operations with 40 or more Beverage Air units. I am very proud of our partnership with Rose’s and to be featured in the Anderson School.
  • Describe the best job you have done this month? One job that stands out for me in the last month was from Main Ford. Charlie and Peter gave us the opportunity for 50+ under counter units at NAFEM. Their customer was considering 6 brands; however, with their support and a little help from the factory we created a big win for both our organizations.
  • What’s the greatest advice you have been given about this industry? Do what you say and follow-up. Most importantly, if you don’t know the answer, find it and get back to people.
  • If you weren’t in foodservice, what other industries do you have an interest in? Journalism or law for serious careers; however, if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would open a dive shop in the Caribbean.
  • What do you consider your greatest achievement? I would say being promoted to Vice President at Beverage Air was by far my greatest achievement. I have been with the company since 2009, so it was truly an honor for me.
  • What’s your favorite activity to do locally? Stand up paddle boarding. I have an 11 foot board and my favorite weekend activity (if I am in California) is paddling around the Naples canals and back-bay.
  • What is your favorite activity outside of the office? Spin class or cycling. I would prefer to be outdoors weather permitting.
  • Where is your favorite place to travel? Anywhere with a white sand beach and turquoise water. Most of my vacations include warm water, catamarans and diving. I’m heading to Fiji after NRA this year.
  • Name one item on your bucket list. I’d like to get my Captain’s license.

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