Marketing Funds & Reimbursement

To get reimbursed for brand marketing efforts or PRIDE approved training participation please complete one of the following forms. Note that the Marketing Funds Reimbursement form is for promotional items and logo apparel requests only. The Training Funds Reimbursement form is for PRIDE approved event reimbursement. Do not use the Marketing Funds Reimbursement form for training reimbursement requests. If the event does not appear on the training form, it either hasn’t happened yet or does not qualify for reimbursement. Direct any training reimbursement questions to Cathy Ellickson at Thanks.

Vendor Marketing Fund Guide

PRIDE dealers are eligible for a portion of the marketing funds that Vendors allocate to PRIDE. As we recognize each dealer has unique needs, we designed a reimbursement program that allows flexibility to utilize these funds to invest in growing your business and opportunities with PRIDE vendors.

Where do the funds come from?

In many cases our vendors offer a contracted % of sales in marketing funds. PRIDE splits this fund with our dealers, allocating 75% to dealers and retaining 25% for PRIDE group marketing and training initiatives.

How can I track my individual funds?

PRIDE sends out monthly updates to dealers on their available vendor marketing funds.  These are to dealer principals and other authorized users. You need to get set up on to access your individual report. If you need access or have a question on your access, please email Preston Brooks at with your name and the name of your dealership and he can provide support.

A new portal to see and access funds is in the works!

What’s the catch?

You must designate specific marketing activities aligned with the vendor contributing the funds. This must be an activity or deliverable that directly corresponds to their brand awareness, promotion or support. Note, these funds do not expire as long as you remain a PRIDE dealer so you can accumulate funds until you have enough to apply to a desired activity.


Ready to Market?

Here are some ideas to get you started!


Online Marketing

  • Web banners
  • Social media posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Website content development/copywriting

Print Marketing

  • Annual calendar featuring PRIDE vendors (customized with your info)
  • Bi-annual reference catalog
  • Direct mail pieces
    • Trifolds, Catalogs & Postcards
  • Group flyers

Other Collateral

  • Store/window decals
  • Truck wraps
  • Truck magnets
  • Signage for showroom
  • Logo apparel
  • Stands and other showroom merchandising advertising
  • Grouped vendor banner for your warehouse or showrooms

Dealership Communications

  • POS receipts for customers
  • Reordering advertising for end user customers on your phone hold music
  • Showroom video advertising
  • Rep training/lunch with dealership


  • Incentivize completion of specific vendor modules/series
  • Cover travel expenses to send DSRs to training events
  • Cover costs for customer demos
  • Sample products for demos or showroom

DSR Rewards/Incentives

  • SPIFF program for DSRs tied to a vendor
  • Create internal bundled vendor growth sales incentive program

Trade Shows

  • Vendors may sponsor trade show activities/co-sponsor booth and expense where their products are displayed.



We are here to help!

If you wish to utilize creative services through the PRIDE design team, it is only $65/hr of dedicated design time.

We are now offering limited copywriting services as well for $65/hr.

Reimbursement Process

Expenses can be deducted according to cost incurred whether this is through PRIDE design services or external resources.


  • Collateral expense can represent design time as well as printing and postage costs. If multiple vendors are featured in a campaign, total cost can be split between participating vendors.
  • For digital collateral, expenses can include design/copywriting time as well as incremental cost associated with campaign (discounting, paid ads vendor specific, etc).
  • Other activities should be reflective of costs incurred.

Proof of Performance

  • We will need a picture of the final product (truck wrap, showroom display, etc), a copy of a digital campaign (with stats if available) or receipts for hard expenses (such as travel to trainings) as backup for reimbursement.

If you want to do something even more creative, speak to us in advance to ensure we can get your idea reimbursed!

Marketing Funds Reimbursement

To get reimbursed for brand marketing efforts or PRIDE training participation please complete one of the following forms.

If utilizing PRIDE design/copywriting services, these expenses will be deducted monthly from your report.
For reimbursement of other costs incurred, please provide your ACH account information
to PRIDE and we can reimburse any applicable funds monthly.